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    Fuente de poder GE EPS 301 18-1130-01

    PN: 18113001
    Fabricante: Cytiva
    Las fuentes de alimentación EPS cubren la amplia gama de aplicaciones de electroforesis y transferencia. Diseñadas para el rendimiento, se puede confiar en las fuentes de alimentación EPS para garantizar la seguridad y la reproducibilidad.
    $ 330.990,79 + IVA (21%)
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    - Display digital

    - Rango de Voltaje de salida: 10 a 300 Volts en pasos de 1Volt.

    - Rango de intensidad de salida:10 a 400 mA, en pasos de 1 mA

    - Potencia: 80W

    - Terminales de salida: 2 pares en paralelo

    - Timer: 1 minuto a 24 horas , y modo continuo

    - Características de seguridad: Detección de no carga, de carga súbita, sobrecarga/cortocircuito.

    ParameterEPS 301 Power Supply
    Power80 W
    Programming RangeVoltage: 5-300 V DC Current: 10-400 mA Time: 00.01-23.59 h or off (- - - -)
    Output ResolutionVoltage: 1 V Current: 1 mA
    Programming ResolutionVoltage: 1 V Current: 1 mA Time: 1 min
    AccuracyVoltage: 4%, ± 2 V Current: 4%, ± 4 mA Timer: 0.1% ± 1 min
    Output ProtectionFully protected against any overload conditions
    Recovery After Power FailureThe program continues automatically
    Operating Temp Min4°C
    Operating Temp Max40°C
    Operating Humidity0-0.95
    Operating Pressure Max106 kPa, maximum altitude of 2000 m
    Mains Requirement100 to 120 V/220 to 240 V; 50/60 Hz
    Power Consumption120 W
    Height95 mm
    Width250 mm
    Depth215 mm
    Weight3 kg
    MaterialThe main components in the EPS 301 power supply are made of the following materials Instrument box: Aluminium (Al) Display holder: Polypropene (PP). UL94V0 Keyboard: Polyester (P) Output sockets: Acetalplastic (POM). UL94V0 Rubber feet: Polyurethane (PP)
    Timer operation1 min to 24 h - continuous
    Output Connector Type4 mm
    ComplianceThe product fulfills valid directives and standards when used within the conditions specified in the user manual. The product must also be used in the same state as it was delivered from GE Healthcare and connected only to other CE labeled GE Healthcare modules or other products as recommended. For regulatory details please see declaration of conformity.
    Wetted PartNo
    Guidance1 x Mains cable 115 V 1 x Mains cable 220 V Instructions supplied with the power supply Adaptor 18-1129-58 required for connecting 2 mm high-voltage leads on gel units to power suppliers with 4 mm output jacks.