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    Papel de Filtro cuantitativo Whatman, Grado 40 x 100u.

    PN: 1440-110
    Fabricante: GE Whatman
    Los filtros de alta pureza Whatman Grado 40 del negocio de Ciencias de la vida de GE Healthcare son documentos de propósito general para el análisis cuantitativo. Los filtros de grado 40 son adecuados para una variedad de aplicaciones de filtración analítica.
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    ParameterGrade 40 Ashless Filter Paper for Pollution Analysis, (100 pcs)
    Grade1Grade 40 
    Typical Particle Retention in Liquid28 µm 
    Nominal Thickness210 µm
    Typical water flow rate325 ml/min 
    Nominal Basis Weight95 g/m²
    Nominal Air Flow Rate21 s/100 mL/in² 
    Nominal Ash Content40.007% 
    MaterialHigh-quality cotton linters 
    Alpha Cellulose Content Min.≥98% 
    Typical Trace Element LevelsAluminium 2.5 µg/g Antimony <0.5 µg/g Arsenic <0.5 µg/g Barium <0.5 µg/g Boron <1 µg/g Calcium 8.3 µg/g Chromium 1.5 µg/g Copper 2 µg/g Iron 12 µg/g Lead <0.5 µg/g Magnesium 4 µg/g Manganese <0.5 µg/g Mercury <0.5 µg/g Potassium 2.3 µg/g Silicon 6.2 µg/g Sodium 16.8 µg/g Zinc 64.5 µg/g 
    ApplicationDesigned for gravimetric analysis and the preparation of samples for instrumental analysis. Gravimetric analysis for numerous components in cements, clays, iron, and steel products. As a primary filter for separating solid matter from aqueous extracts in general soil analysis. Quantitative determination of sediments in milk and as a pure analytical grade clean-up filter for solutions prior to AA spectrometry. Also used as a high-purity filter in the collection of trace elements and radionuclides from the atmosphere.